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Designed and Developed to Enable Smarter Ways in Building Infrastructure for the India of Tomorrow With the Help of AutoDCR®

A pioneering technology product in building approvals automation system, AutoDCR® is designed to back the government initiatives towards smarter cities and digitization. AutoDCR® makes the building plan scrutiny and approval process simpler, seamless and lot faster with e-governance solutions. One of the most widely implemented architecture engineering software for e-governance of building plans, AutoDCR® is an innovative building plan scrutiny and approval system. AutoDCR® reads CAD drawings and maps them to the development control regulations for approval by municipal corporations and approving authorities. The software is designed to bring greater efficiency and effectiveness in compliance through collaboration between the organization and the approving authorities.

AutoDCR® Advantages:

  • Reads CAD drawings and produces scrutiny reports in a few minutes.
  • Maps all development control rules of the Authority to the drawing entities.
  • Automates the cumbersome manual process of checking the development regulations.
  • Reduces paperwork and saves time for architects and the authorities.
  • Offers single window for acquiring building permits, NOCs and clearances from multiple agencies.
  • Enables e-governance by maintaining digitized versions of documents.
  • Standardizes the building drawing plan process.

AutoDCR® who is it for?

AutoDCR® has the ability to provide a single window for acquiring building permits, NOCs and clearances from multiple agencies. The solution caters to several types of worldwide organizations engaged in building plan scrutiny and approvals including, but not limited to:

  • Municipal Council
  • Municipal Corporation
  • Development Authority
  • Industrial Development Corporation

AutoDCR® work process:

AutoDCR® Business Flow
AutoDCR® comes with a built-in Process Work Flow System named ‘BPAMS’ for automation of the process (i.e., the proposal file movement, which is followed by the architectural plan approval). Designed in different modules called ‘consoles’, AutoDCR® covers each step through which the proposal has to flow.

AutoDCR® App Form
Architects submit the plan online alongwith the application form to all relevant departments through a single window system.

After initial scrutiny of the documents, a date for the site visit of the building inspector or concerned officer is notified to the Architects and concerned Building Inspectors via SMS.

AutoDCR® Site Inspector Work
Site visit photographs and videos are uploaded by site inspector using mobile app. Site inspection checklist is automatically filled if AutoDCR® is integrated with GIS city maps.

AutoDCR® CAD Drawing
After site inspection, CAD drawing submitted by Architect / applicant is automatically scrutinized against the building regulations / NOC parameters prescribed by the authority.

AutoDCR® Reports
The scrutiny reports will be forwarded to respective departments. A digitally signed approval letter is generated after online payment of fees.

AutoDCR® – Serving a larger purpose

  • Uniformity and Compliance

    The approval is based on uniform interpretation of development control rules bringing in uniformity and compliance.

  • Acceleration

    AutoDCR® accelerates the scrutiny and approval process by eliminating lengthy and cumbersome computations.

  • Process Innovation & Integration

    The transformation of the scrutiny and approval of plans through CAD and workflow technology brings in innovation in the process. All stakeholders concerned in the approval process are brought together on a single platform.

  • Accountability

    Authorized roles and responsibilities are mapped and MIS reports are generated to help track process efficiency.

  • Transparency

    Subjectivity in the plan approval process is totally eliminated and clear reasons are stated for approvals or rejections.

Awards and recognition:
  • Recipient of numerous national and international awards over the years, AutoDCR has served over 50 clients including Municipal Councils, Municipal Corporations and Development Authorities.
  • Identified as the best practice for building plan approval by Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) – Industrial Development Corporation AutoDCR®.
  • Pune Municipal Corporation was felicitated with the “World Leadership Award” in London for successfully implementing AutoDCR.
  • Prestigious National award for e-governance in the category of Innovative Use of Technology in e-governance 2014.

Intelligent and machine learning driven technology which eliminates entire human intervention.

Scrutiny and Approval

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