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Collaborative BIMDCR® based construction permit platform

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a model-based design concept, in which buildings will be built virtually before they are built in the field. Data models are organized to complete integration of all relevant factors in the building lifecycle which also manages an information exchange between Architects, Engineers and Contractors in the ecosystem, to strengthen interaction and have single source of truth. BIMDCR® is a single and shared source of information in decision making during building construction lifecycle. BIMDCR® offers enormous gains in saving time & cost with greater accuracy in estimation while making design with less alterations, less rework and maintains consistent data.

BIMDCR® is an innovative 3D Building Model based Online SINGLE WINDOW system. This is BIMDCR® based integrated Building Plan Approval System which enables automatic scrutiny of building proposal by reading Building Models submitted by Applicant/Architect.


3D Model scrutiny advantages of BIMDCR® –
  • Single BIMDCR® model submission to various municipal departments will ensure change ‘Anywhere’ is change ‘Everywhere’. The chance of deviations in building plan approved by different department is possible. A Single 3D BIMDCR® model with layers of all services in same model will avoid this concern.
  • All clashes and deviations are highlighted on the same model as per regulations
  • Approval at various stages made easy with comparing
  • Approved-Model v/s As-built model at various stages for CC/PC/OC approvals by utilization of building Lifecycle data.
  • Unauthorized construction control at various stages of any project.
  • 3D Visualization with BIM provides a better picture what a structure may look like in a plot/GIS city map.
  • In order to provide Green Building Code compliance we need to have information of material used and building orientation parameters. BIMDCR® will be possible only through BIM model.
  • CFD Simulation can be carried out.

BIMDCR® Features

Auto Scrutiny
  • Automatic Building Plan Approval System can be developed as per the Development Control (DC) rules and regulations of
    various Municipal Corporations along with the Local Language support.
  • Automatically reads and identifies building plan and layout objects from the building model.
  • Maps the objects in the building model file to development control rules.
  • Verifies DC rules to find variance Auto zooming facility.
Dynamic reports
    • Reports are customized and produced in regional language
    • Plot area report, MIS report, Failed item reports.
  • Detailed report along with associated rules.
Automated workflow and alerts
  • Approval process can be mapped dynamically using rule based template.
  • Scrutiny of documents classified as ownership, NOC and affidavits.
  • Email or SMS bases alerts and notifications.
  • Hand held devices (PDA) integrated to capture information at site.
Flexibility of customization
  • Customization as per specifications of corporations
  • Local language support

BIMDCR® is it for?

  • Municipal Council
  • Municipal Corporation
  • Development Authority
  • Industrial Development Corporation

BIMDCR® Workflow


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