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Elevate your projects with : A Specialized Construction ERP Software For Real Estate Builders, Contractors and Consultants

End-to-end efficient construction project management software for planning to completion. Minimize risks and maximize profitability

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Elevate your projects with : A Specialized Construction ERP Software For Owners, Builders and Contractors

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Streamline, Simplify, Succeed Build smarter with CivitBUILD Construction ERP Software

CivitBUILD is empowering various construction stakeholders across the globe for attaining success and a competitive advantage in the industry
Real Estate Builders
Gain complete visibility into your construction projects for effective monitoring & control, budget management, resource management
and data-driven decisions
Optimize project efficiency with streamlined data, empowering contractors for informed decisions, efficient resource management
and seamless execution
Elevate advisory capabilities with data-driven insights for effective decision-making,
streamlined project management &
budget optimization

CivitBUILD Key Modules

Do more with CivitBUILD Construction ERP Software and skyrocket your end-to-end project management


Project Cost

Client Sales

Project Schedule Management

Project Monitoring
& Control


Plant & Machinery




Customer Relationship Management

Financial Accounting



Sales Management

Fixed Asset


Features for effective construction project management, anytime, anywhere

Streamlined, Mobile Construction ERP Software boosts productivity by bridging the gap between on-site and in-office teams, providing immediate project monitoring and oversight for all stakeholders

  Bid Management

Streamline the tendering process, consolidate information distribution, tender collection & coverage tracking into a single platform, save valauble time

  Project Management

Simplified and mobile project management software enhances efficiency, connecting field and office for instant project visibility and control

  Resource Management

Streamline resource allocation, enhance efficiency and ensure seamless coordination between office & field teams for effective project execution

  Asset Management

Optimize asset tracking, maintenance and utilization, ensuring streamlined operations, cost savings, and improved overall project performance

  Sub Contractor Management

Centralize subcontractor information, streamline communication, and optimize collaboration for efficient project execution and enhanced productivity

  Sales & CRM

Streamline sales processes, gain real-time sales insights and leverage CRM tool to enhance client relationships and maximize sales potential

  Invoice Management

Optimize invoicing for all stakeholders onsite & in-office, ensuring seamless access to real-time data through a centralized and integrated platform

  Finance Management

Optimize financial processes, centralize control, gain real-time financial insights, streamline finance operations, foster fiscal efficiency and transparency

  Real-Time Reporting & Dashboards

Ensure instant insights and business-critical notifications, optimizing decision-making and transparency for efficient project monitoring

Client Testimonials

“Equipped with extensive industry & business know-how, SoftTech’s Enterprise Solution has streamlined our various functions & integrated our multiple projects & departments.
This has boosted our efficiency & ROI in manifolds.”
A leading engineering & infrastructure company
“The automation offered by SoftTech’s Enterprise Solution, has considerably boosted our resource efficacy. They have seamlessly managed training & implementation, and we are delighted with the realization of our business needs.”
A leading Dubai-based building contracting company
“SoftTech’s Enterprise Solution, is a well designed software that addresses the end-toend lifecycle of our construction projects expertly. Our SOPs have become much more effective with the accuracy & availability of information and improved coordination & planning.”
A leading engineering & infrastructure company

Why rely on SoftTech?

SoftTech is a leading IT company that specializes in driving business and technology transformations within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry

25+ Years of deep domain
expertise & industry

Preferred solution provider
for revered government &
private organizations

Strong global footprint
with 4500+ clients across
the world

Why CivitBUILD is the best Construction ERP software?

Our construction ERP software offers unparalleled project oversight, from material tracking to real time updates. It’s not just about managing tasks; it’s about optimising every facet of the construction process. Tailored to fit teams of all sizes, our easy-to-use ERP software for construction industry ensures that every project milestone is met within the allocated budget and time. World-class ERP Software for the Construction Industry at a cost-effective subscription
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