Technology-led solutions for managing complexities and increasing control for profitable growth.

With rapid urbanization, the role of Large Infrastructure Industries development projects have become critical in more ways than one and there is a definitive need for greater seamlessness and integration that current and future technology can provide.

High budgetary allocation for infrastructure, rising infrastructure deals, and increasing private sector involvement are some of the factors that are changing the very dynamics of the industry. Private sector is emerging as a key player across various infrastructure segments, ranging from roads and communications to power and airports. The degree of complexities involved in decision making and overall management is significantly higher. High efficiency in every aspect is the need of the hour. Technology led solutions are poised to play a critical role in ensuring that there is absolute seamlessness in the entire process. Our cutting-edge solutions like OPTICON®, AutoDCR® and PWIMS® are designed to partner infrastructure companies in creating robust systems that deliver on business objectives.

Our every product innovation comes with deep insights into the industry needs and the pain points that various infrastructure companies face. Most of these issues exist across India and companies of every size can benefit from these solutions. For example, AutoDCR® brings absolute transparency in getting approvals from various government bodies. It is seamlessly integrated to an online approval workflow to monitor the approval process with associated document scrutiny and site visits (where applicable), it can also be accessed from anywhere and anytime through mobile devices. With AutoDCR®, infrastructure companies can achieve single window clearances. Similarly, OPTICON® can help achieve absolute control throughout the infrastructure development process. It is an all-in-one-solution that maps out the necessary business functions for construction enterprises, such as bidding, cost estimation, project management, accounting, plant and machinery, client billing, subcontractor management, sales, CRM, and HR & Payroll. A full web-based ERP software that makes life easier for contractors and engineers.

To understand how each of our various products can help infrastructure companies drive profitability with integration, seamlessness, planning and management of projects, we urge you to view or products in detail and call for a demo.

Some of the products that are of essential need to infrastructure companies are:

Large Infrastructure

The private sector involvement in the Large Infrastructure Industries development will change the dynamics by putting an impetus on more efficiency, better cost structuring and technology-led seamlessness.

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