Nomination and Remuneration Policy Read More
Policy on Materiality of Related Party Transactions Read More
Familiarization of Independent Director Read More
Composition of Committees of the Board of Directors Read More
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics “code” Read More
Terms & Conditions of the Independent Director Read More
Criteria of Making Payment to Non‐executive Directors Read More
Policy for determining Material Subsidiaries Read More
Vigil Mechanism-Whiste Blower Read More
Policy for Determination of Materiality as per Reg 30(4)(ii) of LODR Read More
Policy for Preservation of Documents Read More
Code of Conduct for Prevention of Insider Trading Read More
Archival Policy under Reg 30 of LODR final Read More
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy Read More
SoftTech Employees Stock Option Plan 2017 Read More
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