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RuleBuddy® provides Investment risk analysis for the robust rule engine, already mapped  for 500+ ULBs across India

For urban infrastructure,  smart cities and construction industry.

RuleBuddy® provides investment risk analysis and project feasibility in a digitally accessible manner. Over 6,50,000 architects in India can benefit from it. A digitally accessible web and app based platform, It is an innovative e-commerce portal to provide investment risk analysis and project feasibility. It provides all the rules and process related information across ULB under one roof. Conceptualized and fully developed in house, RuleBuddy® has robust rule engine, already mapped for 500+ ULBs across India.

It’s a cloud based portal with all SMAC technology based features. Hence, it is a single stop arrangement which can answer all the necessary updated building by laws, fees calculation, approval queries and can provide project guidance through digital platform.



  • It facilitates professionals to get access to rule, calculation and process of various corporations across India.
  • It has robust rule engine, already mapped for 500+ ULBs across India.
  • It leverages the existing robust database with input based search functions from the legacy  AutoDCR® system to the RuleBuddy® platform will result in greater efficiency with regards to company resources and business processes.
  • It is aligned with corporate strategy and objectives.
  • It uses technology to improve the way we do business.
  • Existing and timely updated rule engine, which assures authentic source of information and data integrity.
  • It covers all product assumed risk, provide benefits, which were too difficult to define, and are suitably aligned with current corporate strategy and/or objectives.

Who is it for? :

  • Real estate companies
  • Architects and consultants
  • Project owners and investors
  • Financial institutions funding real estate projects

RuleBuddy® Work Process:

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