Software solutions with deep industry insights

Softtech comes with formidable experience and expertise in offering innovative products that make a real world impact on work efficiency, resource optimization, profitable business growth. With singular focus on construction enterprises and the processes involved, we have been able to create products that enable meaningful co-relation and integration between every aspect of the construction processes involved.

Our products and solutions are specifically designed for the following industries:

  • Large Infrastructure Companies
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Construction enterprises
  • Government organisations

Large Infrastructure companies

With rapid urbanization, the role of large infrastructure development projects have become critical in more ways than one and there is a definitive need for greater seamlessness and integration that current and future technology can provide. Our solutions for large infrastructure companies are tailor-made to meet the increasing complexities involved in delivering the scale, size and multiple aspects at play in every stage of the decision making process. To deliver high-efficiency and complete integration in projects of such scale and complexities, our cutting-edge product solutions include:

Opticon I AutoDCR I PWIMS

‘With Opticon, Construction companies can streamline their processes, remove data silos and increase the flow of information between departments’

Real estate companies and construction enterprises

The real estate landscape in India has been witnessing tremendous growth and the opportunities are emerging across multiple cities. Most real estate and construction companies are today involved in projects across multiple locations increasing the complexities involved. In this light, it is pertinent to have a constant overview of every aspect involved in the construction process to ensure that resources are utilized in the most efficient manner possible. Any delay in decision making or time lags in getting a clear picture on any aspect of the construction process can adversely affect the profitability and effectiveness of the project. Eliminating cost and schedule overruns is equally critical. In this light, to offer complete control and transparency in the decision making process, our product offerings for the real estate and construction enterprises include:


Government organisations

The unprecedented level of urbanization and consequent growth in the size and number of cities in different parts of the world present both challenges and opportunities. Phenomenal growth in urban population challenges traditional approaches to city management. Digitization of government services is the need of the hour. With smart city initiatives gaining immense importance across the globe, solutions developed by SoftTech Engineers Pvt Ltd stand to reduce the gap between service delivery and growth expectations.

The development of a smart city begins with smart planning and the execution of important processes. SoftTech Engineers Pvt Ltd’s products are developed to cater to the entire lifecycle of construction development, from Planning, Approval, Procurement, and Monitoring to Execution. Our products enable government bodies with automated processes to achieve higher productivity, revenue, and transparency in the system.


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