Enterprise Resource Planning software designed specifically for the construction enterprises

Built with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, OPTICON™ leverages deep industry insights to address every possible pain point. Remarkably integrated, this web-based Construction ERP software is an absolute must to optimize the complete construction management process. OPTICON™ Construction ERP management software is built for businesses to drive seamless growth and take the next business leap with the empowering force of technology.

Construction business involves high value projects in a fiercely competitive environment. The construction companies cannot afford to overrun time and cost, therefore they need to manage time and resources efficiently on real time basis. OPTICON™ the construction project management solution is a platform which bridges the gap between information and decision making process.

OPTICON™ is a group of integrated modules that together provide a comprehensive and complete ERP solution to the Construction and Real Estate Industry. The Construction Project Management ERP software is designed to automate the entire construction process and allows tracking information in real time thus making lives easier for all the stakeholders.

OPTICON™ the Construction ERP management software helps the Contractors at the tendering stage before the award of the contract; it empowers them to prepare a competitive bid by accurately calculating bill of quantities from BIM models to quote for both cost and time for the projects.

This construction ERP software is thus a process driven, flexible decision making tool. OPTICON™ is scalable to meet growth requirements and is designed with futuristic technologies and standards. Being fully internet based, it can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

OPTICON™ The Construction ERP Software Advantages

  • One dashboard with overview of all construction activities
  • Effective project control
  • Digitize every function in the building construction life cycle
  • Bid efficiently
  • Detailed project cost estimation
  • Manage schedules and eliminate cost and schedule overruns
  • Project Management Centric Construction ERP solution
  • Access Anywhere Anytime
  • Transaction Approvals on the move through mobile app
  • Integration with 3D models for auto generation of BOQ
  • Seamless integration with MS Project
  • DPR updation through mobile devices

Integration Advantages of Construction ERP:

Successfully interfaced with Business Intelligence tools like SAP BO, IBM’s Cognos, and Microsoft Dynamics

Integration-ready with widely used software like Primavera, Microsoft Project and Tally

Successfully implemented in 100+ construction companies across India, the Middle East, and Africa

Ravit Model


ERP software for established construction organizations, accelerating them to the next level of growth. Makes use of a smart system of business computing, market intelligence, and analytical decision-making.

Revit Integration Module: Computes quantity from 3D BIM model and links them with corresponding items in the library to prepare detail cost estimate. Alternatively BOQ could also be extracted from spreadsheets.

OPTICON™ is a game changer for the Construction ERP industry and it’s aimed at bringing the most technologically integrated way to simplify the complexities involved in every decision making process involved. It gives the decision makers and business leaders a complete micro and macro perspective on every aspect, that has just not been possible so far. OPTICON™ translates into greater efficiencies, optimum resource deployment, quicker decision making and control of ROI in practically every dimension of the construction process

OPTICON™ The Construction ERP Software Modules


 Project Monitoring and Control                         Plant and Machinery

 Project Scheduling                                                Procurement

 Tender Bid Management                                     Inventory Management

 Project Cost Management                                   Sales and CRM

 Subcontractor Management                               Financial Accounting

 Client Billing                                                             Payroll


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