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As India’s leading software product innovators in the AEC space, we come with 20+ years of proven track record. Over the years, our products have enabled technological transformation for 500+ clients across government bodies, smart cities and enterprises in construction and infrastructure industry. Our innovative products span across building plan approval systems, public works management system, ERP for construction and infra companies, and industry’s first comprehensive portal for the AEC industry. Our flagship product, AutoDCR is the first of its kind in the industry and is by far the market leader with close to 80% market share in building permit automation system.

Our products have been recognised and awarded across the country and various other geographies for technological innovations that bring a real-world impact. With the highest number of building permission applications implementation in India, and more than 1 lac plan approvals covering 100 million + sq ft, we’re geared to facilitate the ‘digital India’ initiative by ensuring that Govt. services are available electronically.


OPTICONTM gives you complete control of the construction processes and enables you to manage every aspect of the project, simplifying the complexities of decision making.

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A pioneering technology product in building approvals automation system, AutoDCR is designed to back the government initiatives towards smarter cities and doing business. It makes the building plan scrutiny process simpler, seamless and lot faster with e-governance solutions.

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The planning, procurement and maintenance of public works organizations are simplified and seamless for greater efficiencies.

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A digitally accessible web and app based platform, Rule Buddy is an innovative e-commerce portal to provide investment risk analysis and project feasibility. It provides all the rules and process related information across municipal and development authorities under one roof.

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BIMDCR is a collaborative construction permit approval platform for 3D BIM based building models, facilitating code based scrutiny and NOCs for building utilities. Integrated to intelligent workflow BIMDCR helps monitor the model compliance, NOC provision and approval process.

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