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CivitBUILD is a one-stop Construction ERP Software for builders, real estate developers and contractors to end-to-end digitalize construction operations for boosting efficiency, speed, and agility. As a Cloud-based solution, CivitBUILD helps today’s AEC organizations comply with tighter construction budgets & timelines and keep pace with the ever-evolving technology landscape.


How to participate?

  1. Sign Up and register by clicking the Register Now button below Last Date to Register is 14th April 2023

  2. Attend our Info Sessions on 15th & 16th April 2023, where our experts will help you learn about CivitBUILD and how to explore the capabilities of CivitBUILD

  3. Create a project on CivitBUILD that demonstrates – How CivitBUILD can boost efficiency and cost control of construction organizations?

  4. Create a presentation in PowerPoint or Video Format showcasing your project (Max video length: 5 minutes)

  5. Submit your Presentation or Link of Video uploaded on YouTube at along with your name, email ID, phone no., college name, stream/course

  6. The Last Date to submit your Entry is 1st May 2023

So, get going & build a CivitBUILD project that exhilarates you… Watch this video to learn how!

What will
be the

  1. Demonstrating Innovation in leveraging CivitBUILD features
  2. Excellence in showcasing the Benefits of CivitBUILD
  3. Distinction in showcasing the positive impact of CivitBUILD on the Construction Industry
  4. Clarity & effectiveness in representing the project in the Presentation

Your chance to make a mark in the
AEC Industry and win exciting Prizes



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