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Webinar:- UP OBPAS: Open House Training
Date: From 22 Dec to 28  Jan

Join us for an exciting and interesting advanced training sessions on UP OBPAS.

It is our constant endeavor to support our users with updated information and insights into our system.

The OBPAS Portal offers all kinds of assistance to the users. Be it a Development Authority Officer, or a property owner or any registered architect or technical engineers, we have got all the support for you

122-Dec-20Application Form Filling & Submissions
224-Dec-20Print Layer Usage
329-Dec-20Getting NOC From Nivesh Mitra & Departments
431-Dec-20Interpretation of Report and Mismatches Depicted
5 05-Jan-21Using QueryDesk Effectively
6 07-Jan-21 Definations of Terminologies used in PreDCR
7 12-Jan-21Finding and Using Help, Static Pages
8 14-Jan-21How to draft Layout in PreDCR
9 19-Jan-21Submission Categories and Web Facilities
10 21-Jan-21How to draft Other Uses in PreDCR: Community
11 25-Jan-21High Risk Files Submission & Status
12 28-Jan-21How to draft Other Uses in PreDCR: Educational
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