An innovative online building plan scrutiny and approval system, AutoDCR® is already being used in 500+ local government bodies. It reads the CAD drawings and checks them for compliance with the relevant regulations to facilitate approval by competent authorities.

It is best suited for smart cities, municipal councils and corporations, urban development authorities, industrial development authorities and architects, town planners, and consultants.


  • Reads CAD drawings and produces scrutiny reports in a few minutes.
  • Maps all development control rules of the Authority to the drawing entities.
  • Automates the cumbersome manual process of checking the development regulations.
  • Reduces paperwork and saves time for architects and the authorities.
  • It offers a single window for acquiring building permits, NOCs, and clearances from multiple agencies.
  • Enables e-governance by maintaining digitized versions of documents.
  • Standardizes the building drawing plan process.

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