A web-based commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) application, the Public Works Information Management System (PWIMS®) manages all the core functional processes across the project lifecycle including budgeting, cost estimations, financial & technical approvals, e-tendering, contract management, project monitoring, and contractor billing.

PWIMS® Advantages:

PWIMS® Covers:

  • Budget & Estimate Management
  • Works Management
  • Asset Inventory & Maintenance Management
  • Finance & Accounts Management
  • HR & Establishment Management

PWIMS® aims to replace the existing manual system of paper-based working and facilitate the public works organizations to function transparently and efficiently coupled with effective monitoring and control over the projects. It automates the Works Management functions ranging from budgeting to completion. This in turn improves the business processes and resolves the bottlenecks in the existing system.

Who is it for?

  • Urban Development Authorities
  • Border Roads organizations.
  • Housing Development Boards.
  • National Highway Authorities
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