RuleBuddy® PLAN ASSISTTM is a unique software product offering astoundingly reliable functionality to create & pre-check your building plans before submission to authorities; for faster, smoother and assured approvals.

Powered by AUTODESK® Technology, RuleBuddy® PLAN ASSISTTM provides all the necessary functionalities to create, edit and pre-format your building plans eliminating dependency on any 3rd party CAD software.

Features & Functionalities

  • Powered by Autodesk Technology, offers the world’s most stable and proven CAD technology.
  • No need to buy cheap and inferior 3rd party CAD software.
  • Make multiple revisions in drawings on-the-go to arrive at optimum design of the building plan.
  • Dramatically increase the probability of getting it Right The First Time.
  • In built AI-Empowered scrutiny engine to quickly and easily check whether the building plan passes the scrutiny for applicable building bye-laws or DCR of relevant authority.
  • Automatically calculate the areas for building plans even in complex and big projects with accuracy & speed.
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