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Date: From April 1st to April  30th

Time: 11:00 AM & 03:00 PM 

Join us for an exciting and interesting advanced training sessions on UP OBPAS.

It is our constant endeavor to support our users with updated information and insights into our system.

The OBPAS Portal offers all kinds of assistance to the users. Be it a Development Authority Officer, or a property owner or any registered architect or technical engineers, we have got all the support for you

101-April-2021Ramp marking on stilt floor
206-April-2021 Revalidation through Nivesh Mitra
308-April-2021 Various room assigned by PreDCR assign section, which room is habitable or non habitable? Please describe.
4 13-April-2021 Is Revised Proposal
5 15-April-2021 Marking of Patari ( Pavement other than main road)
6 20-April-2021 Completion -Layout
7 22-April-2021 For internal demolish, how can LTP draft and mark it?
8 27-April-2021 Static Pages
9 29-April-2021 Bazzar street (ResiCom cases) and educational buildings.
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