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Date: From September 2 to October 28

Time: 11:00 AM & 03:00 PM 

Join us for an exciting and interesting advanced training sessions on UP OBPAS.

It is our constant endeavor to support our users with updated information and insights into our system.

The OBPAS Portal offers all kinds of assistance to the users. Be it a Development Authority Officer, or a property owner or any registered architect or technical engineers, we have got all the support for you

12-Sep-21 Introduction to new features on UPOBPAS Home Page
27-Sep-21 Average width of Park
3 9-Sep-21 Submission of Partial Completion Proposal
414-Sep-21 Excess Paved area in Park
5 16-Sep-21 Static Pages
6 21-Sep-21 Covered Parking in Stilt / Basement where columns provided
7 23-Sep-21 Submission of Completion Proposal
8 28-Sep-21 Special FSI Marking
9 30-Sep-21 Submission of Self Approval Proposal
10 5-Oct-21 Two or three tracks Parking
11 7-Oct-21 Submission of Work Start and Plinth Proposal
12 12-Oct-21 Draw of Portico
13 14-Oct-21 Submission of Revalidation Proposal
14 19-Oct-21 Direction Reference Circle
15 21-Oct-21 Submission of Sub division proposal
16 26-Oct-21 Direction Reference Circle
17 28-Oct-21 Usage of Demo site
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