Why rely on a Cloud-based Construction ERP Software?

The evolution of technology is rapidly making waves in the AEC industry & helping the AEC stakeholders rapidly drive profitability. Relying on tedious paperwork or planning a budget manually has now become obsolete. Modern-day AEC organizations are leveraging cutting-edge technology and adopting a digital-first approach for business growth.

Leading technologies such as AI, Machine Learning & Cloud Computing are enabling contractors, developers, real estate agents, and builders to make better decisions, increase productivity, and improve job site safety. The advent of cloud-based construction ERPs has helped boost agility & precision in the AEC industry. Moreover, cloud-based innovative solutions have transformed data management practices and have accelerated the speed of projects in manifolds.

Introduction to cloud-based construction ERP

A cloud-based construction ERP system is a specialized software designed to end-to-end automate the construction process. It allows seamless tracking of clients, contractors, workers & stakeholder information, offering opportunities to boost overall efficiencies. As a one-stop solution, CivitBUILD is a unique Cloud-based ERP software by SoftTech Engineers, that integrates an array of beneficial modules to take care of every business function.

Challenges faced by the AEC industry today

The AEC industry is long facing challenges that limit growth & revenue. The tedious manual processes, lengthy paperwork, resource mismanagement & legacy systems have been barriers to the development of the industry. Below are some of the major challenges that are adversely impacting the construction industry:

Mismanagement of data & information

The age-old practice of recording data on paper increases the risk of valuable information getting lost or stolen. The manual recording also raises the likelihood of errors in accounting, estimation and construction management.

Shortage of manpower

The increasing lack of manpower is a major hurdle impacting the business in the AEC industry. Lack of skilled employees slows the functioning of AEC organizations, ultimately leading to a rising gap in demand and supply chains.

Machinery disruption

Lack of regular maintenance and checks increases the chances of machinery breakdown. Broken machines adversely impact the quality of work and efficiency of production.

Lost bids

Without a proper bid management system in place, AEC organizations can lose bidding projects continually & the lost projects lead to financial loss & crippled growth.

Inefficient budget analysis

Relying on outdated budgeting practices can prove to be a hindrance in tracking the expenditure precisely. It also increases conflicts between clients, contractors & workers regarding the payment and project costs.

How does a dynamic construction ERP eliminate the challenges faced by the AEC industry?

Without an intelligent ERP system in place, several key processes of an AEC organization can be adversely impacted. Below are the advantages of an efficient Cloud-based Construction ERP system that can tackle the challenges faced by the industry today:

Easy access to data

Cloud-based construction ERP streamlines the information access & sharing, making it easier to manage it. It also helps in tracking business-critical updates and keeps a tab on daily project progress. The ERP also provides access to real-time contractors, workers and client information.

Cost Savings

A Cloud-ERP requires relatively minuscule operating costs and minimizes the need for hiring of the excess workforce. In addition to this, the Cloud-based ERP system simplifies & streamlines the work of various teams in the organization. Also, key functions such as recruitment, workforce planning & monitoring are modernized on basis of automated intelligent scrutiny.

Machine Maintenance

A Cloud-based Construction ERP ensures regular machinery inspection & quality checks and provides timely reports & dashboard updates. It also helps manage machinery purchases and tracks & updates on machinery faults if any.

Efficient Bidding

A Cloud-based ERP enables automated tender tracking and simplified tender filing. It obtains and manages the project-critical information as per the tenders to enable adherence. Also, the ERP system assists in proper planning as per the bid project schedules.

Optimizes Budget

The ERP enables easy budget planning and assessing resource requirements precisely as per the need. It also streamlines & optimizes accounting and payroll functions seamlessly.

What are the benefits of cloud-based construction software?

Today all construction organizations need to proactively plan, schedule, forecast, optimize resources, enhance utilization, reduce project cost, and future proof their business against ongoing market fluctuations. Learn how the key benefits of cloud-based construction software can help achieve these goals:

Advanced Project Management

The software can provide easy access to insights on multiple construction projects in real-time. It also enables the AEC stakeholders to use advanced project management tools to optimize efficiencies & time management.

Effective Resource Management

The software can help manage the proactive planning, scheduling, and managing of organization-wide resources for the construction industry. It allows managers to deliver projects successfully by fulfilling project resource demands on time and also helps to boost the profit margins through optimum management of the resources.

Adherence to Compliances

The Cloud-based ERP software helps adherence to the compliance procedures through regular quality checks & intimations and also facilitates the fulfillment of the specifications & regulations meant for subcontractors and suppliers.

Effortless Record Keeping

The software helps maintain the attendance & contract details of the contractors and laborers. Maintaining the single truth, the recorded information also supports the resolution of conflicts between clients, contractors, and workers, if any.

Highly Cost-effective

The Cloud-based software helps save money spent on buying servers, installations & storage. Also, the software eliminates the need for hiring excess staff for tackling day-to-day challenges through the digitalization of all business functions. Moreover, upgrades & enhancements are quite cost-effective in a cloud-based environment.

Reliable and Secure

World-class security offered by the Cloud-based Construction ERP helps protect valuable data from unauthorized access and diminishes data corruption throughout the construction project lifecycle.

Supports Hybrid Working

With any time, anywhere access & usage, the Cloud-based ERP software supports remote work management and helps build & manage local, remote & on-the-go workers seamlessly. The cloud-based construction software can fast-track the growth & success of an AEC organization. In the fast-changing technology landscape, the advent of cloud-based construction ERP has revolutionized outdated construction methods that had become restraining. Considering the enhancements in efficiency, productivity, accessibility, and security offered by Cloud & AI, an efficient ERP makes the Digital Transformation easier.

About Author:

Mr. Vijay Gupta
An IIT Mumbai alumnus, he is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of SoftTech Engineers Limited, a leading IT company extending innovative software products and solutions in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industry. He has a rich experience of about 30 years in the development of cutting-edge BIM/ CAD/ CAE /Project Management Enterprise Software in the AEC domain.

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