Delivering a definitive edge

Through our ISV alliances and integration capabilities, our products and solutions enable businesses to achieve greater efficiencies. We partner with some of the most innovative and leading companies in the independent software space. These innovative solutions and technological advancements bring a definitive business advantage to organizations leveraging our products and solutions.

ISV alliances

Microsoft Certified Partner

With their technical capabilities and strategic expertise coupled with real-world perspective, Microsoft Certified Partners enable businesses to prioritize and deliver technology solutions for superior efficiencies.

ISV alliances


SoftTech is part of the Autodesk Developer Network and other global innovators leading the way in developing tailored solutions for Autodesk’s vertical market customers. AutoDCR®, a specialized product developed by SoftTech for building plan approvals is based on AutoDesk product and technology.

ISV alliances

Microsoft Partner

Our e-governance and construction enterprise solutions are built on Microsoft technologies and frameworks. We are sales partners for MS enterprise software products like Microsoft Dynamics. SoftTech is now partnering with Microsoft in a e-Governance project in MIDC, Mumbai. This partnership is extended to other ongoing businesses and enterprises with a robust go-to market strategy for a win-win.