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AutoDCR® is an innovative online building plan scrutiny and approval system for construction permits. It reads the CAD drawings and check them for compliance with the relevant regulations to facilitate approval by competent authorities. It is being used in 500+ local government bodies in India. Seamlessly integrated to online approval workflow to track the proposals with associated documents verification and site visits, it can also be accessed through mobile devices.


The Public Works Information Management System (PWIMS®) is a web-based commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) application for managing all the core functional processes across the project lifecycle including budgeting, cost estimations, financial & technical approvals, e-tendering, contract management, project monitoring and contractor billing.


The Construction Project Management ERP software is designed to automate the entire construction process and allows tracking information in real time thus making lives easier for all the stakeholders. OPTICON® Enterprise Resource Planning Software Designed Specifically for the Construction Enterprises.

OPTICON® is a group of integrated modules that together provide a comprehensive and complete ERP solution to the Construction and Real Estate Industry.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a model-based design concept, in which buildings will be built virtually before they are built in the field. Data models are organized to complete integration of all relevant factors in the building lifecycle which also manages an information exchange between Architects, Engineers and Contractors in the ecosystem, to strengthen interaction and have single source of truth. 


RuleBuddy® provides investment risk analysis and project feasibility in a digitally accessible manner. Over 6,50,000 architects in India can benefit from it. A digitally accessible web and app based platform, It is an innovative e-commerce portal to provide investment risk analysis and project feasibility. It provides all the rules and process related information across ULB under one roof. Conceptualized and fully developed in house, RuleBuddy® has robust rule engine, already mapped for 500+ ULBs across India.

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