RuleBuddy® is the Portal, which offers instant and easy online access to DC rules and compliance requirements. RuleBuddy® works with you to provide specific rules related to your project just by providing basic keywords and/or project information.

Creating building plans and designs, while taking into consideration the latest development control (DC) rules with periodic amendments is a daunting task taking away your crucial intellectual time. Adding to the stress are tight deadlines and your client expectations of avoiding recycle of the plan approval process.

RuleBuddy® is a true companion to architects for compliance check of building designs with the development control (DC) rules at the design stage itself.

RuleBuddy® saves the crucial time spent by you in rework, giving you ample time for creative energies in designing better buildings, thereby gaining revenue and customer satisfaction.

Who is it for? :

  • Architects and consultants
  • Real estate companies
  • Project owners and investors
  • Financial institutions funding real estate projects



RuleBuddy Plan Assist

 RuleBuddy Plan Assist is unique AI powered platform assisting in creation of accurate and compliant building plans.

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RuleBuddy Plan Draft

RuleBuddy Plan Draft enable user in creating submission building plan.

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RuleBuddy Plan Check

 RuleBuddy Plan Check helps in creating building bye laws compliant submission drawing.

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