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Responding to an increasingly well-informed consumer base and, bearing in mind the aspect of globalization, Indian real estate Industries developers have shifted gears and accepted fresh challenges. All the sub-sectors including housing, retail, hospitality, and commercial are witnessing a sea change in which projects need to be conceptualized, built and delivered. The growth of this sector is well complemented by the growth of the corporate environment and the demand for office space as well as urban and semi-urban accommodations. The growing flow of FDI into Indian real estate is encouraging increased transparency. Developers need to fast revamp their accounting and management systems to meet due diligence standards.
The most marked change has been the shift from family-owned businesses to that of professionally managed ones. The real estate developers to meet multiple projects management across cities are investing in centralized processes for material sourcing, manpower management and hiring of qualified professionals in areas like project management, architecture and engineering.

In this light, our solutions come with 24+ years of focused experience in the AEC domain. Our products are mapped to the evolving challenges in the industry, and enable leadership teams in real estate industries and construction companies to break data silos, have real-time control of all resources, integrate the flow of information through different departments and allow the leadership teams to meet business objectives more seamlessly. OPTICON®, for example, connects all the dots for the construction companies. Every department and function can collaborate and work in an integrated manner, saving resources and crucial decision making time.
AutoDCR® is an innovative building plan scrutiny and approval system. AutoDCR® reads CAD drawings and maps them to the development control regulations for approval by municipal corporations and approving authorities. Our flagship product has been successfully implemented across 500+ ULBs in India. With this integration advantage, the 3D and 2D BIM models can be directly analysed by the companies and projects can be analysed and corrected at the design level itself. RuleBuddy enables companies to get every approval process right in the first go. With built-in prompts and information across departments like fire safety, water, electricity, etc, the architects and consultants can work seamless along with the developer. Project feasibility and profitability can be mapped at the conceptualization stage, empowering the construction companies and developers to achieve business objectives. With such deep domain expertise, our teams have acquired rare insights into the industry and the technical prowess is being deployed to deliver unique solutions. Our latest innovation, BIMDCR® is the first of its kind collaborative BIM-based construction permit platform. This innovative solution for automation in Building Plan Scrutiny and Approval process applies internal intelligence to read a consolidated 3D BIM model having Architectural, Structural, MEP, HVAC, Fire, Water, Drainage and other utility objects. With standardization, uniformity, visualization and monitoring, BIMDCR® is an innovative 3DBuilding Model-based Online SINGLE WINDOW system, It brings greater speed and efficiency to the system.
To understand, how each of our product solutions can bring greater efficiency and profitable growth for your organization please view our detailed products sections and also call us to get a demo. Some of the product solutions designed for real estate and construction companies are:


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The growing flow of FDI into Indian real estate is encouraging increased transparency. Developers need to fast revamp their accounting and management systems to meet due diligence standards.

Real Estate

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